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The academy works hard to ensure that students find learning enjoyable and stimulating. We understand that if students are to learn effectively, then the academy must be a place that they look forward to coming to. Below you can find some information regarding what you need to do if your child is going to be absent.

Sickness absence

High attendance has a proven link to educational outcomes – every lesson really does count and maintaining 100% attendance will ensure students achieve their potential. All students are expected to strive for 100% attendance and maintain a minimum of 96% on average. Weekly monitoring systems are in place to help students and parents stay on track, and relevant support will be put in place where necessary.

Students should only be absent in ‘exceptional’ and unavoidable circumstances. Please ensure that any absences are reported via the absence line on 01422 831011 before 8.30am. If you expect your child to have an absence of more than 48 hours please contact your child’s House Manager to discuss arranging some work.


Students are expected to be onsite and in the building in time for the warning bell at 8.55am. This signifies that students should make their way to classes ready for learning to start at 9am. Students who are not in the building in time for the warning bell will be classed as late, and will receive a subsequent detention.

Our approach to punctuality is a key part of maximising learning and preparing students for the world of work.

Holidays during term time

Holidays during term-time will not be authorised, and will be recorded as unauthorised absence. Please click here to read more about this.

We strongly recommend that parents ensure that they have checked our term-dates term dates before booking any holidays.