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Senior Leadership Team

Trinity Academy’s Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the academy and ensuring that it is led in a way that enables it to make a difference to students.

Mr Charlie Johnson

Acting Principal

Charlie Johnson is Acting Principal. He works alongside Executive Principal James Franklin-Smith and is responsible for all aspects of the academy, and oversees the management of the senior leadership team to ensure that the processes and systems that have led to Trinity Academy Halifax’s successes are embedded at Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge. Charlie has worked in senior roles at a number of high performing academies, including a local secondary school which was the top school in the area for student progress. As a father to two young boys, he is passionate about ensuring that all young people access the best possible quality of education and is driving improvements across all aspects of provision at Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge.

Read his welcome message here.

Caroline Middleton

Assistant Principal, Teaching & Learning

The quality of teaching and learning is paramount to the success of any school.  My role, at Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge, is to ensure that students always receive the highest quality of teaching and that their learning enables them to achieve the best possible outcomes.  I lead a team of outstanding practitioners who support me in designing and delivering a CPD programme informed by the latest action research whilst continually focusing on improving teaching methods.  We also provide regular opportunities for staff to reflect on their practice and debate the way they teach through regular peer observations and feedback, thus creating a culture of continual self-improvement.  Another strand of my role is to support the quality assurance processes which involve work sampling, lesson observations and student voice to measure the quality and impact of teaching and learning on student achievement.

Aaron Kay

Assistant Principal – Behaviour

The academy’s pastoral system underpins all of the vital work that takes place both in and out of the classroom. My role is to ensure that the Behaviour for Learning Policy is applied consistently across the academy, therefore allowing students to thrive in an optimal learning environment. I am also responsible for analysing data to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of what is happening in the academy. A vital aspect of my role is ensuring that we celebrate students who meet our high expectations, focussing on their successes and achievements through the rewards systems we have in place. Further to this, I oversee Child Protection and Safeguarding, making sure that there are procedures in place to ensure that every child is kept safe from harm and receives the appropriate support where required.

Rob McGinty

Vice Principal, Standards

As Vice Principal I work really closely with the Acting Principal to ensure that the highest standards are maintained in all areas of the academy. I have overall responsibility for student progress including attainment, achievement and curriculum development. Setting aspirational targets for students and ensuring that the academy uses accurate data effectively is crucial to ensuring students can maximise their potential. In addition, my role as Vice Principal is to ensure that the academy’s curriculum meets the needs of all our students during each phase of their education; preparing students for life beyond their time at the academy and enabling access to learning that is imaginative, enjoyable and challenging, both inside and outside of the classroom.